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Welcome to the exciting and innovative world of Family Fun Pools. We manufacture a high quality continuous fiberglass pool wall called Uniwall. Our product is used in the construction of residential, and commercial pools around the world. Our commercial success includes:

Water parks, hotels, motels, YMCA's, campgrounds, fitness centers, therapy centers, competition pools, day care centers, country clubs, & condominiums.

Materials Used:
 1. 43"/48" Fiberglass Wall (Uniwall)
 2. Coping, Safety or Cap
 3. Aluminum "U" Channels)
 4."Pocket" Forming Material
 5. Aluminum H-Bars, Vert. 49", 56" or 60"
 6. Stainless Nuts & Bolts
 7. Eye Bolts & Square Nuts
 8. 3/8" Steel Reinforcing
 9. Recepticles
10. Concrete Footing
11. Concrete Pockets
12. Concrete Deck

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